Hello, I am Gosia

I help people to become the best version of themselves, so that they can live their life feeling empowered and free.

My mission is to create a safe container for positive, permanent transformations,  in which people like you and me can discover their true nature, true power and live a happy life, for the benefit of themselves and others.
I truly believe that in order to achieve that I need to start with myself. My personal growth and development have been a big priority for me and a delight and passion I want to share with others.


Do you struggle with your habits of thought and behavior?

Do you feel something is limiting you in realizing your heart, mind and soul desires?

Do you suffer from physical or emotional pain?

And  ….most importantly …. Do you have a strong motivation to change and live a better life?


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What I can help you with in particular

I believe the most significant and most permanent changes can be achieved when we approach transformation in a holistic way. That’s why I work with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and how all these elements interconnect.

Physical body

  • Delight in your body at any age

  • Take care of your vitality, health, good looks

  • Achieve your dream body mass without struggle and restrictive sacrifices

  • Set yourself free from psychosomatic ailment, incl. physical pain

  • Get rid of the effects of constant stress

  • Improve quality of your sleep

  • Set yourself free from bruxism

  • Develop a natural and permanent motivation to care about your health and wellbeing

Emotional body

  • Improve your self esteem – appreciate yourself as you deserve

  • Improve your self confidence, in any situation

  • Learn how to deal with stress

  • Enjoy life without depression, fears, phobias, addictions, emotional disorders, compulsive behaviors

  • Improve your relationships

  • Release money blockages 

  • Break free from guilt

  • Empower yourself 

  • Strengthen yourself while going through mourning and grief

Mental body

  • Learn how to benefit from the power of your mind so that it works in coherence with your dreams and goals

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs

  • Get rid of self sabotaging thoughts, habits, behaviors

  • Recognize your inner critic and transform it into your best friend

  • Improve your memory and focus

Spiritual body

  • Discover your true nature, the essence of WHO YOU ARE

  • Discover your life purpose – WHY ARE YOU HERE

  • Get in touch with your intuition

  • Enjoy self realization, with benefit for yourself and others


How I can help you

In my work I use what I have learnt and experienced during my self development journey and in over 20 years of professional career.


The key pillars of my work are:


Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) & Coaching

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an amazing, modern, hybrid therapy that combines the best of hypnotherapy with unique methods for rapid relief and permanent results.

RTT enables an intense, deep transformation in a short period of time. It helps you break limiting beliefs and habits in order to significantly improve your life quality.

RTT works with your subconscious mind. You gain an understanding about the root causes of your issue in the past and you change the interpretation and meaning about them.

I use coaching as a support for RTT.

In coaching we work mainly with conscious mind. We concentrate on the present and future, working on strategies and practices to embed the change.

My services

Become the best version of yourself and live your life feeling empowered and free.


RTT process

Process includes:

  • initial consultation

  • RTT session

  • ind. transformational recording (to listen to for min 21 days)

  • email support (or through agreed communicators) day after / week after / 3 weeks after the session

30 day transformation

Package includes:

  • RTT process

  • 2 coaching sessions (60 min each; week 2 and week 4 after RTT session)

  • email support (or through agreed communicators)

Individual consultation

Face Yoga

  • start with me safely your face yoga practice 

  • gain individual practice plan tailor-made to your needs

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Individual consultation

Learn & test with me different tools and methods to help you cope with everyday challenges

  • breathing and relaxation techniques

  • autohipnosis

  • mindfullness

  • meditation


Gain support in your transformation process

  • you need a change but you do not know where to start

  • you are going through a change process but you need an additional support

  • you know what you want to do but you need some reassurance

Group workshops

Benefit from group energy

  • face to face workshops

  • online workshops

  • workshops on request (tailor made workshops designed for business environment or private groups)

Details of current workshops


Words of praise


Confidence (RTT session)

Gosia has the ability to make you feel valued and of worth. She engages with you beautifully, attentively and leaves you feeling so encouraged.Her very special manner combined with her expert knowledge is a remarkable formula.

I feel so privileged to have received therapy from Gosia, her session had a great impact on my confidence.


Self esteem and relationships (RTT session)

I learnt about RTT some time ago when I read one of the books by Marisa Peer, the author of the method. I decided to go through RTT because for many years I had struggled with low self esteem and failing in romantic relationships. 

I was aware of the problem and its potential source, therefore I was looking for a rapid and effective solution.  I had never before experienced any therapy, including hypnotherapy. Therefore the fact that Gosia is a very competent and trustworthy person helped me to take on the challenge. 

RTT session was very emotional for me, I went back to difficult memories from my childhood. But during the session  I felt sort of relief. It has been a month since the session. I have been listening to the transformational recording daily.  I feel a subtle but permanent change every day. And I am actually surprised when I notice a different, very positive attitude towards myself which is new to me.  My old, negative thinking patterns about myself and love are moving away. I am very pleased with the results and I recommend a session with Gosia to everyone who is looking for impetus for a positive change in life in a warm and safe atmosphere.


Anger control (RTT session)

I feel great. Incidents of accidental anger have practically gone (during one I used the technique from the recording). I have more energy for daily activities, my wellbeing has improved. I listen to the recording daily, usually before sleep. I have to admit RTT has exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much for the possibility to improve myself.


Compulsive eating (RTT session)

Terrible phenomenon you should control but you can't:( Reaching for anything - candies, nutella, chocolate, ice cream. And when all sweets are finally gone and you even stop buying them anymore (even for kids) you go one step further: raisins, dry fruit, flakes (sweet and chocolate ones). Until all is gone or you can not move your body... Then you check your weight - if it's too much, you start 2-3 weeks of regime and all over again...

Many conversations with psychologists leading nowhere - either they do not work with such issues or they warn that the issue is difficult to break free from and you need a long time to see results.

I did not believe in RTT because in the past I had tried to quit smoking using hipnosis without success... But why not to try if I lose nothing?  Firstly, an honest conversation about the problem, then RTT session, and then 25 minutes per day of listening to a very pleasant relaxing recording.

It's been 3 months since the session, I had been listening to the recording for a month. And I think I can say the problem is gone. After the session I had 2 or maybe 3 incidents but on much smaller scale (1 bowl of sweets, not 5!). And since over a month - nothing! I think I am free:-)


Face Yoga - workshops

During workshops with Gosia you have a great time when you discover yourself through exercises and mindfulness. Her experience, positive energy and talent for communication make you quickly feel the effects and appreciate Face Yoga. 


Face Yoga - online course


Two days ago I finished a 14-day FACE YOGA online course. It was a time of meeting with Self, with My Body. Even greater awareness of how everything is wonderfully connected and how we can influence it.

Thank you Gosia for the atmosphere of joy, lightness and fun.


Face Yoga

Gosia, what you offer us is a balm for the body and soul. Thank you and I am looking forward to more !!!


Let's talk how I can help

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More about me

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

When I think about life and my story, this sentence best describes my journey.
I have been always searching for something new and different. During University time, in my over 20y of professional career in corporate world, in my personal adventures.
I have achieved many successes, I’ve reached for many dreams, which I am proud of and so grateful for. But I have also experienced a lot of self doubt, self criticism and self sabotage – being my own biggest enemy. I know how it feels but it’s all in the past:-)
Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation have been an amazing support in my transformation over years, in search for my true nature. Learning Rapid Transformational Therapy™ added a huge kick to get me where I am now, I am so grateful for that experience.
That’s why I am here for you because I know it’s possible to achieve huge shifts, unbelievable transformations - I’ve seen it many times.


Are you ready to leave your "comfort zone" and experience a life of freedom and empowerment?

Let's talk

Schedule a 20-minute free call so we can learn more about each other, what you need, how I can best help.



Your transformation is my biggest motivation

I always strive to create a safe container in which you can freely experience your change without fear

I will be your supporter, but I will also be your challenger. Remember, "life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

I will help you to achieve amazing changes, even if they seem unachievable, but only when you are truly willing to do the work

I will take on the task only when I am sure that I can help you

I guarantee my 100% - of energy, knowledge, commitment and authenticity

I have faith in you and that you can be free, powerful and happy because you deserve it



Education & Key Qualifications

MS, "Biotechnology", University of Wrocław, Poland (1989-1994)

PG diploma, "Psychology of behavioral & attitudes changes", University of Warsaw, Poland (2006-2007)

Rapid Transformational Therapy™

  • Rapid Transformational Therapist (Marisa Peer Method) . I am proud to say that I am the first certified RTT therapist working in Poland

  • Certified Hypnotherapist


Over 16 years of experience in senior HR roles, working in big international corporations in Poland and abroad (responsible for strategic people and organizational development).

Focus on leadership & coaching.

Key coaching trainings:

  • Coaching for Cultural Transformation (by Oisin)

  • Leadership for Performance (by Bridge & Coach in a Box)

  • Unleashed (by Christine Hassler)

Yoga & Meditation

  • Yoga Teacher Training in EMBODIED FLOW™ (RYS 200 Yoga Alliance)

  • Face Yoga Method™ Certified Teacher 

  • Vipassana course

  • The Practice of Direct Awakening meditation course with Craig Hamilton


Kontakt / Contact

+48 535 300 844


+48 535 300 844

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